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Vellore    Town   is   the   capital.   of   Vellore    District Geographically; this hlstortcal town. is situated about 140 km from Chennai City and has easy accessibility by Road, railway route. The Govt.Vellore Medical College is just 15 km away from katpadi Junction.
The town is as ancient as 1500 years. The town was very popular during Pallava and Cholas period. During Nayakar Dynasty this town became more popular with fort and temple.
The town was placed in the history of independence as the place  where seppoy mutiny started probably because of its safe location protected from natural  calamities and availability of food sources, this town remained as a battle field for various dynastic.
The present century has placed the town for the famous Christian Medical College and in the recent past becoming town for Education of various fields.
The statement given by the former collector of this town "Sri.  belliappa  stands  true  even  now"  the  presence' of  the renewed, Christian Medical College in the same town has not in the least diminished the presence on the Govt. Pentland Hospital this is evident by the large number of patients who came for treatment and expenses of facilities in the. various branches of Medical Sciences" Golden Jubilee of GPH 1968.
At  presence this  institute  stands  a  referral  centre, for neighboring  districts  including   chittoor  of  Andhira   Pradesh,
Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai District.
The seed was sown in 1882, when it was  started as a small municipal dispensary  at Aroct  Road of Vellore town. 23 years,  later it was transferred  to the   new building at the heart of the town in 1915. It  was   inaugurated   by  the   Governor   of   Madras   Lord PENTLAND, hence  known  as  PENTLAND  HOSPITAL  and started functioning  as one of the major District Headquarters  Hospital in the State.
Apart from 541 Bedded in patient care it also housed center for District Tuberculoses Control Program, ANM nurse training school for Family welfare clinic, ward for prisoners, ESI Ward, Blood Bank and training centre Paramedical courses.
During  the  evaluation  the  presence   for  further   growth arose.  The  need  for  converting  the  Head  quarters  Hospital  to Medical College arose and in 2000 July G.O. was issued to start a new Medical College at Vellore and the premises were shifted to Adukkumbarai to accommodate expansion.
Total Area of the Campus 1,37,516.00 sqm (33.95 Acr) Total Built-up area:
College.                           : 7651.27 sqm
Hospital                           : 5230.23 sqm
300 Bedded H-Block      : 1604.00 sqm
300 Bedded X-Block      : 1650.00 sqm

At presentthe    following   amenities   are available  in this college
7thbatch.MBBS     students  and CRRI
Para  Medical   course  students   strength   is doubled  as  DMLT
100 and other  certificate   course  are also doubled  and the fee structure  is reduced  to the minimum  so as to enable  the poor to avail the facility.
The  Vellore   Medical   College   Hospital   caters   to  population from  Vellore  District  & adjoining Thiruvannamalai District.
OP 53874
IP 24720
No. of Surgeries 921
No. of Normal Deliveries 405
No. of Caesarians 351
Cardiology OP 2280
Cardiology IP 471
The monthly statistics of patients attending this Hospital is as follows:
There   are   well   established    Departments    of   General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Respiratory  Medicine. Ortho Pediatric,  Physical Medicine, Radiology & Intensive -Care Units, Special Clinics for Cardiology, Neurology, Hypertension, Diabetics, Plastic Surgery ENT, Ophthalmology andART Clinic are functioning.
Cemonc Centre is functioning in this Hospital to give special care to the Labour patients.

ART Centre is functioning in this Hospital with sufficient facilities to identify and Counseling of the AIDS patients. ICMR, TRC, IDSP schemes are effectively carried out in this institution.

-     Nursing School is functioning with 45 students.

Trauma   care   centre   is   sanctioned   under   centrally sponsored Scheme.

OG Blocks &  NICU - Under World Bank.

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